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We at ESO Mastery Guides are proud of the high quality ESO Guide we offer. And as the top rated Elder Scrolls Online Guide, we have reason to be. No game guide will suit every player, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

Leveling Guides: Our high quality leveling guides, including ESO Guide for PS4 and Xbox One, coy quest and public dungeon from level 1 up to level 50. We are also offer the only leveling guide covering veteran rank zones.


Craft Guides: Crafts are a huge part of ESO. Whether you enjoy crafting or not, if you want to have the best possible armor and equipment, you need to craft. This also means you can’t afford your crafting to be less than the best if you want to make the high level equipment you need. Our crafting guides include the locations of hidden crafting locations, crafting recipes and much more.

Class Guides: ESO classes don’t have the kind of play style restrictions common in some MMOs. Any ESO class can be used to fill any combat role. The flexibility this gives players the chance to build just about anything they can imagine–but it also means building a really powerful character takes planning and knowledge. A good class guide can help you learn how to build powerful characters, from finding synergies between racial and class abilities, to the best way to build a DPS archer for your chosen class. Class guides are especially useful if you want to build a playable character with a combat style against their class, such as a Sorcerer Healer.

Gold Making Guides: Whether you want to get a mount as soon as possible, or would rather buy equipment than craft it, sometimes you need gold. A good gold making guide can help you become the richest merchant in Tamriel, or just pay for the baddest equipment in the game.

ESO Mastery Guides aims to have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an ESO Guide for Xbox One or the best route to gather all your crafting material, our Top Rated ESO Guides will have what you are looking for. Check out our free guide articles to see the quality of guides we offer, and to get access to advanced tips and techniques for free. And if you don’t see something you need, drop a note in the forum. Someone will be happy to help.

The Best ESO Leveling Guides For PS4, Xbox One, PC And Mac

In spite of a rocky start ESO is holding steady and even starting to gain in popularity. With more gamers playing ESO the demand for ESO Leveling Guides is increasing as well. As any gamer knows, there are game guides, and there are game guides. A good ESO guide will make your gaming experience more fulfilling without taking away the joy of discovery and exploration. A bad leveling guide will leave you stuck, frustrated, and wishing you’d never picked the stupid thing up.

The first rule of a good guide is that is needs to be written for a specific platform. A PS4 Leveling Guide for ESO needs to be different from an Xbox Leveling Guide for ESO. Every game has minor differences (and sometimes major differences) between platforms, and the best leveling guide for the console version of Elder Scrolls online will be very different from the best for PC and Mac. No matter what system you play on, you need a leveling guide just for your system if you want the best possible experience.

The second rule of a good guide is it needs to be able to adapt to the game. This isn’t the 90s, when a game come out once and that was the end of it. New downloadable content is the rule, not the exception, even on console games. PC and Mac games download the latest versions the minute you log in. An ESO LEVELING GUIDE that doesn’t change with the game quickly becomes useless. A good guide needs to include updates that keep up with changes in the game, so that you can stay informed.

Part of the reason you will find the best ESO leveling guides here at Elder Scrolls Online Mastery Guides is we keep these rules in mind. Every leveling guide is written for a specific platform, and that specific platforms play style, in mind. Our leveling guides are also updated regularly. ZeniMax has promised updates to ESO every 4-6 weeks. At Mastery Guides we will make sure you have the information you need to take full advantages of the changes with each updates–and not get hurt to badly if those changes nerf your character’s class or racial abilities. Our leveling guides cover everything from level 1 up through the Veteran Rank Zones, and our goal is to have the most comprehensive ESO guides available.

ESO Nightblade Build Guide For Tanking, Healing, And DPS

Nightblades are a highly versatile class that can be built in just about any direction. While they may be best suited to DPS, they aren’t restricted to just one combat role. To help you get started with your ESO nightblade build, here’s a short look at making Tanking, Healing, and DPS.


Nightblade Tanking Build

Nightblades in ESO follow in the traditional of the rarely-discussed blood tank. Where traditional tanks stand front and center, and survives by having enough health and healing abilities to take as many hits as necessary, a blood tank survives by not being hit. Using their AoE Siphoning attacks, Nightblades can easily aggro large portions of the battlefield. Once they do, they can slip into stealth, or use Teleport Attack to disappear from the enemy they just aggroed, and reappear somewhere else, to aggro new enemies. The mobs chase after the blood tank, trying to find and hit the annoying guy in black who keeps attacking them and disappearing, leaving the rest of the party free to take down enemies as fast as possible. Nightblade tanks need high stealth abilities, with lots of points in Shadowing, lots of Stamina, and some good AoE attacks.


Nightblade Healing Build

Healing is probably the most challenging combat role for Nightblades. They have a few healing abilities in the Siphoning skill line, but Siphoning is as much about taking speed, damage or Stamina and Magicka from enemies as it about taking health. A Nightblade healer will need to combine good potions ability with Siphoning skills. On the other hand, groups with a Nightblade healer will get not just Healing, but restored Magicka, Stamina, and other bonuses.


Nightblade DPS Build

DPS is the most straightforward Nightblade build, the one most focused on in ESO nightblade builds guide. Combining stealth attack bonuses from the Shadow line with the DoT attacks of Siphoning and the finishing moves of Assassin creates some of the most powerful DPS builds in ESO. It is hard to create a bad DPS build for Nightblades, though it still takes work to create a great one.

For more information on ESO Nightblade builds, pick up a Nightblade guide for the Elder Scrolls online. With so many options and so much you can do, you’ll find a Nightblade build that suits just about any play style.

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